Tenaciousminds - Services for You


Vendor Ecosystem Commercial Optimisation and Navigation expertise

Access to industry-leading cybersecurity expertise to safeguard your business and its operations.

Tailored commercial and sales strategies to help you find new clients, build relationships, and grow your revenue.

Expert guidance and support in accelerating your sales cycle and closing deals more efficiently and effectively.

A focus on harnessing growth mindset principles and leading sales methodologies to drive results and exceed sales targets.

Utilisation, Knowledge of, & Training on, Cutting-edge AI and ML technologies and cybersecurity tools to provide customised solutions that deliver unparalleled ROI.

Initial Business Assessment - an all-encompassing discussion and assessment of current business processes and sales strategies, looking at what's working well, what's not, and where potential enhancements can be found to deliver better outcomes needed.

Ai & Machine Learning Commercial & Sales Strategy - Incorporating advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning tools.

'Technology as a Service' Purchase & Project Management - Experience in how to get the best deal for yourself in all Software & Hardware purchases, and 'As a Service' models from all Vendors.

Efficient Business Outcome Consulting Services - Helping you to close more deals more often, sooner, for higher values and better margins, through high class Sales Training & Sales Enablement.

Commercial Growth Strategy Consulting - Including helping to assess and audit the current commercial performance, and then working with you to suggest and implement ways to enhance the commercial performance from your sales team.

How to utilise Growth Mindset & Key Sales Methodologies such as 'Go for No', Insights, Consultative, Challenger, Sandler (and more) for more efficient sales outcomes.

Leadership methods to enhance Sales and enable your salespeople.

Sales Management & Process, and navigating the Vendor Ecosystem to maximum effect